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Oleg Plotnikov – (1950) – composer, pianist, teacher, arranger.

Received a higher musical education in Russia.

Composer of music for theater performances, author of compositions for various instruments, ensembles, of orchestral and vocal music.

The combination of active composing with teaching has led to an increase in various works for piano. The book “HOMMAGE”, released in 2019, received great recognition.

In 2019, the works of O.Plotnikov were included in the program of the International Piano Competition “Music of Immortal and Living Composers” held at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Here is a new book of Oleg Plotnikov «PLANETS».

The collection consists of 9 colorful piano pieces of «portraits» of the planets of the Solar system, with their beauty, mystery and unpredictability, how the artist’s creative imagination sees them.

This is a musical journey into the world of «sounds» of space, expressed by the means of modern musical language.

The book is designed for a wide range of music lovers


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